Oct 12, 2010

Paper Craft: House Japanses

Want to download the free paper doll house? You might want to take a look at this Cute Japanese Classic House Paper Craft. This doll house is paper based and the design is just look like the regular classic Japanese house (yes, Japanese house is tiny because property is really expensive there). The doll house also really great companion for the best Japanese Figurines too. Check out the gallery if you don’t know about Japanese Figure.

This Printable doll house simply really cute and classy. What I really like is the doll house paper models miniature really represent simple and cozy Japanese house. You don’t need to buy this, you can get this printable paper models for FREE. Interested? Go download the Japanese doll house miniatures here

Candy Shop Doll House
Candy Shop Cute Paper Models
I think everyone likes candy, especially when they are still kids. I found the really cute traditional Candy Shop Doll House paper models. This is the traditional candy shop in Japan, and it’s similiar like the candy shop in my country too, although this paper models looks nicer than the real traditional candy shop. The shop looks really colorful, it has the gum machine, ice box with full of ice cream, candy bar, and chocolate candies.
Candy Shop Paper Craft Cute
To make this paper models, you just need to download and print it, really easy isn’t it? Remember to get your color printer ready to print this beautiful doll house papermodel (or called paper craft?) ok!
Download them here

Printable Paper House
Paper House Download Free
I’m still new for paper modelling so I only have a little reference of Paper Models site. Now, I found this Great Creative Park site By Cannon, a site that have lots of Free download Paper Models. They make it to promote their printer, actually.
Now let’s take a look of their Printable Paper House, one of the easiest paper models to make. With this template, you (or your child) can make a paper house for the paper doll house. If they love to make paper craft or origami, try it. I’m sure that they will like it.
Download the template for paper houses here (download free of course! I won’t post it here if you have to pay it!)

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